Voici l'extrait de la spécification des champs necessaires au fichier d'extension *.pbn

Identification section

The identification section contains all the tag pairs, that are not involved with the auction section and the play section.  

There is a set of 15 tags defined for storage of PBN data, called Mandatory Tag Set (MTS).

These tags are mandatory for a PBN file in export format.

The MTS is the common ground that all programs should follow for public data interchange.

When a tag value of a mandatory tag is unknown (because it was not given in the import format), then the tag is given with tag value "?".

When a tag value of a mandatory tag is inappropriate (e.g. a dealing program only gives the tags 'Dealer', 'Vulnerable', and 'Deal'), then the tag is given as an empty string.

For import format, the order of tag pairs is not important. For export format, the order of tag pairs is:  (1) the mandatory tags in a fixed order  (2) the supplemental tags, sorted alphabetically by their tag name  
The 15 tag names of the MTS are (in order):

 (1) Event (the name of the tournament or match)  

(2) Site (the location of the event)  

(3) Date (the starting date of the game)

(4) Board (the board number)  

(5) West (the west player)  

(6) North (the north player)  

(7) East (the east player)  

(8) South (the south player)

(9) Dealer (the dealer)  

(10) Vulnerable (the situation of vulnerability)

(11) Deal (the dealt cards)  

(12) Scoring (the scoring method)  

(13) Declarer (the declarer of the contract)  

(14) Contract (the contract)  

(15) Result (the result of the game)  In export format, tag pairs may only occur once. In import format, a tag pair that already occurred, is ignored. 

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